Eightfold Update

All stalls are installed and ready for horses (and a goat). Blanket racks are installed, halter racks pending.

“Gopher Warfare 2017” has commenced. We are using combined effects weapons such as poison, traps and gas bombs. 1 confirmed kill so far.

I’ve begun bush hogging trying to get ahead of the weeds. Bermuda grass is beginning to grow on the hill. Still need to use a landscape rake and fill in holes before spring growth covers the hazards. And spring is coming quickly…

The geldings were able to stage a prison break this morning. They didn’t go far from the barn but they did find the stash of alfalpha. I’ve added a security chain to the faulty gate. Charlie is the suspect lock picker.

Glen continues to climb to new heights and leaves a path of destruction in his wake (nothing serious). He’s a hoot!