HORSE GYM USA | WALK is the cornerstone of HORSE GYM USA® equipment. This equine treadmill combines advanced technology and the highest standard of safety features. The WALK offers upgraded features and functionality to accommodate horses of all disciplines.Variable speed and incline settings allows users to customize workouts for individual horses. The ability to have the horse walk in a straight line without the weight of a saddle and rider increases the swing and overall flexibility of the horse’s back while developing back, core, and hindquarter muscles. This development can lead to increased stamina, strength, and improved soundness. The WALK is also a timesaver as most horses can be exercised on it unattended within a week of introduction.

RENTAL PRICES: To rent our horse gym you must first be a member of our riding club. There is a $40 initial training session to learn the basic mechanics of the machine as well as safety measures. This fee also includes your first use of the treadmill. The cost from then on is $25 for a single use, or $200/month.

If you are interested in trying out the horse gym please contact Hanna at 318-471-8337.